Have your true self, captured.

If you long to have your true self captured in a beautiful, honest way; whether it’s your love story, the connection you share with your family, or the milestone of your next adventure...

I’m here for it and for you.

Maggie here!

Let’s get the obvious out of the way...carbs, folk music, wine, family, nose boops, and general lust for life.

On another note, I live a bit off the grid with my beautiful little family in our cabin out in the woods. It’s truly our paradise and between the creek stomps and the wood walks I’m usually chasing my two kids, often with my camera in hand, to capture it all or watching the world go by with the hubs on the porch (yes, it’s all very Huck Finn). Photography and Target are really the only two things that can lure me out and to me life couldn’t be sweeter.

I fell in love hard with the beauty of natural light, awe-inspiring landscapes, real moments and creating a laid back atmosphere so that when we work together we create nothing short of magic. Making you feel authentic and comfortable, so we can tell your story in a beautiful way, is what drives my passion. 

We'll create  nothing short of magic

My Top Five:

01. Plant Hoarder

02. Raw Emotion

03. Adventure Seeking

04. Wine Enthusiast

05. Belly Laughs

these are my people

pure joy  +  crazy love  +  deep feels  +  adventurous souls  +  authentic bonds

I capture moments in their truest form.

If you desire to connect not only with each other but with me as your photographer so we can create and capture these amazing moments then take the leap and let’s work together.

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She is talented, professional, reliable, amazing to work with...

“Words cannot even describe Maggie. She is talented, professional, reliable, amazing to work with...and most of all sweet and kind. You spend a lot of time with your photographer for your wedding day and there's no one I'd rather share the day with!”

- Valerie & Jayme

words from past clients